Our Story

Written by Hannah Robinson

It began with a simple thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to see a bunch of young people gather together to worship Christ?”

I felt this prompting in my heart, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. But a couple of weeks– maybe even days–later, Natasia, my dear sister in Christ, sent out an e-mail, inviting a small group of teens and young adults to her house for an evening of prayer and worship. She had been feeling the same stirring in her heart– that our generation, united in Christ, could really change the world, and that worshiping together was a great place to start.

The first worship night was powerful as the Holy Spirit moved among us. Young people shared testimonies of how God had spoken to them, and we knew that God was at work. We felt God’s hand heavily on this event, and believed that this first night was merely a beginning of a great work. We believed that it was a spark that could, by the grace of God, light a movement.

After much prayer, Natasia’s family came upon a name for the movement: Everblaze. The name reflects our eternal passion for Christ glowing in our hearts, as well as the ability for a small spark to kindle a huge flame. As we met again for a second worship night, we began to feel a stirring to spread the ministry to a larger scale.

First Christian Church agreed to host our first major Everblaze event on May 19th, 2017. About 125 young people and youth leaders showed up to glorify God together. It was a powerful evening of worship and prayer, and many people experienced God’s Presence in a mighty way. And we knew it was just the beginning!

Right now, we are listening for God’s leading on the future of Everblaze. We believe he has great plans for this movement, and can’t wait to see what He will do.